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October 28, 2008



Big hug, I´m so sorry about this :( Be strong, knit a lot, feel better. And well, you may not be so alone in this: http://www.ravelry.com/groups/search?query=fibromyalgia


I'm really sorry about your diagnosis...that must be a big thing to accept.
All your smooshy yarn looks gorgeous and I think your spinning is fab!
Gentleness to you.


I'm so sorry :( but at the same time, knowing what it is is so much better than being in pain and not knowing why...

Please know that others are thinking about you!

Keep up the good work with the spinning. It looks great to me! Little unsolicited advice: keep some of those first bits because once you get the hang of it, making those plump, thick-thin singles becomes sooo hard and it will be fun to look back at your beginner stuff longingly.


**Hugs** to you, sweetheart! i know for me being told what was wrong with my did NOT help me feel emotionally better for a little while...cause, yeah, i knew what the problem was and how to deal with it, but man, it sucks having a life-long, never gonna go away, take drugs every day body. after a little while i felt better about it and was just glad there were drugs to keep me chugging along. so to sum up: lots of love to you!!

OneHotProcessor (Sara)

*hugs* here too. :) The best part of a diagnosis is that the confirmation that something is wrong, and its not just you.


Lily, where are you? Your Rav friends are worried silly about you.


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