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September 14, 2008



I don't have any kids, but I sometimes live vicariously through my sister, who has been struggling with potty training my niece. I know it can be incredibly frustrating. It sounds like you are handling it very well. Hang in there. :-)

Can't wait to see pictures of the mitts!


Ahhh...I totally understand both sides. I thought my son would go to kindergarten before he was potty trained. But one day it just clicked. Spending most of his childhood working outside the home, I missed a lot of firsts. You're not alone!


Aw, hang in there! I do feel your pain. My boy is peeing reliably in his potty, but poops are rare. Those go out in the backyard, like the dogs, don't ya know. Duh! (Sigh.) At least I don't have to scrub them off of the floor. But how many mom-of-the-year awards go to ladies who clean up after their kids with a pooper scooper?

What happened to the beach?? I'm so sorry. :(

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