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September 02, 2008



How old is Camila? (pretty name, btw!) It sounds like a nightmare of a trip to me too. :( I wouldn't go.

But it IS sweet of your husband to want you both with him. It's just that husbands are so rarely the ones that have to do the 'work' of that kind of trip so it's easy for them to be stubborn about it. My husband is the same way: invites me places, begs me to come when I'm thinking, "Oh god, that will be hard..." and convinces me by saying he'll help with our 3 yr old son... and yeah, his idea of help usually turns out to be getting engrossed in conversations with his friends so that he's not paying attention at all.

So, if it doesn't sound fun to ME now, I just say no. It doesn't sound like your husband is hearing your reasons for not wanting to go though. Maybe another talk when he's calmed down?

Good luck! MIL fights are always so hard...

Worsted Knitt

Personally, I wouldn't go. It's sweet of him now, but not anymore 5 hrs into the trip. And without a car seat - no way. Bus - maybe... but this coming from someone without a kid, so. Hope you figure it out. Good luck!

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