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WOHM who wishes she could become a WAHM. Loves to knit, and thinks about knitting when she should be working.


Hey. I'm Lilly. Or as my best friend calls me, Lillyanka. I got married in April 2006, and had a baby, Camila, on December of that same year. Since then, I've been struggling with my roles as a WOHM, wife, and student, as well as many other things.

Back then, I decided to write about all this in my blog, C'est la vie. I want to document my journey through motherhood so that my kid can see the root of her traumas for herself. Having a humongous dork for a mom is not easy, I tell you.

Anyhoo, this is my life. And you're more than welcome to take a peek or two into my world. Just remember to always leave a comment on my blog, pretty please, because comments make me happy.

So given the circumstances, I'm betting this is going to be a mommy blog. And maybe also a knitting blog (hopefully, if I knit enough to blog about it). So stick around, and join me in this rollercoaster ride that is my life.